Aug 292019

this week, i seem to have run across the most extraordinary number of canadian groups (has this been going on all month?).  not a bad thing at all, and i’ll try to share a few of their shows up here over the next week or so.  this performance by susie arioli reminds me of some records (well, cd re-issues) from the 50s.  one in particular, which of course i can’t find or identify.  great stuff, anyway, both susie arioli and the mystery cd that’ll no doubt turn up tomorrow.  hopefully, she’s still going strong, but no new albums since 2015 and upcoming shows on her website are all from 2017.  fingers crossed.

susie arioli
paris, france
22 sept 2012

susie arioli, vocals
cameron wallis, saxophones
jordan officer, guitar
bill gossage, basse
tony albino, drums

01- here’s that rainy day
02- time after time
03- ut
04- there’s a love in my life
05- it’s always you
07- my funny valentine
08- ut (fades in)
09- come rain or come shine
10- i fall in love too easily
11- pennies from heaven
12- ut
13- mari et femme
14- un jour de différence
15- when your lover has gone
16- la mer
17- ut

57 minutes

source : tsf (fm) / uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t10 i fall in love too easily.mp3

  4 Responses to “susie arioli – 22 sept 2012, sunset, paris, france”

  1. tcbSajqa

  2. BIG THX!…

  3. Pete, all Canadians are great, including Susie…so good that I think you might have put this show up before, my friend???

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