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we had a request for geoffrey keezer on piano, preferably playing standards.  i don’t have any solo shows, but there were a few which included him, including this one, that i don’t remember even listening to ever.  i really liked cd1, and would recommend this for that alone.  the concerto de aranjuez set it up, and botti, keezer, et al followed through wonderfully.  but cd2 didn’t work as well for me, that’s life.  let me know what  you think.

chris botti
motor city casino hotel
detroit, mi
12 june 2015

chris botti – trumpet
geoffrey keezer – piano
richie goods – bass
ben butler – guitar
lee pearson – drums
andy ezrin – keyboards
*lucia micarelli – violin
+sy smith – vocals
$george komsky – vocals

1. concerto de aranjuez
2. when i fall in love (incl. moanin’)
3. talk
4. emanuel *
5. theme from cinema paradiso *
6. venice
7. talk
8. flamenco sketches
9. talk
10. halleluja
11. the look of love +
12. the very thought of you +
13. talk

1. kashmir *
2. talk
3. italia $
4. con te partiro $*
5. indian summer >
6. drum solo – indian summer (conclusion)
7. let’s stay together +
8. the nearness of you

recorded by: ravingandrooling
equipment: ca14 c- ca9100- sony m10
location: 1st row balcony beside stacks
mastered by: rdwm

sample: t104 emanuel.mp3

  3 Responses to “chris botti – 12 june 2015, motor city casino hotel, detroit, mi, usa”

  1. FdMzgqgy

  2. Thank you for sharing! It was a truly amazing show and I really enjoyed it. May I make one last request…? Do you have any other recordings that Benny Green on piano? I know that you’ve already uploaded one with Kenny Washington. If you have others in your collection, I would appreciate it if you could share some of them.

    • benny green? yes, several shows of his trio & a few others as well. and there are two here already (see ), one of his trio (that i know you’re aware of) & one playing in a larger group. but it’s been a while… might be time for another benny green show (as i actually said already on the kenny barron posting following your earlier request! and never got around to).

      then i’ll try to figure out how people can search on the tags. must be good for more than word-clouds.

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