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i got back from vacation in the mood for some jazz vocals, and this was the first show that i pulled up.  it’s a good recording, but needs a bit of volume, so turn it up (do i keep saying that?).   see also the comments from scooter123, below — not much to add to that!

billy vera big band
live at catalina’s bar & grill
los angeles, ca
8 june 2014

1. intro theme
2. unknown
3. intro theme
4. grits aint groceries
5. little jimmy scott
6. someone to watch over me
7. if i could be with you
8. since i fell for you
9. cherry
10. is you is, or is you ain’t my baby?
11. when it’s sleepytime down south
12. you’re a sweethear
13. sweet lorraine
14. i want to be loved
15. what i do
16. you’re the one
17. just a sittin and a rockin
18. my little brown book
19. i’m a lucky so and so
20. blue and sentimental
21. i want a little girl
22. good morning blues
23. room with a view of the blues
24. what did you think
25. outro theme

tt: 1:28

genre: jazz vocal
audience tape: a+
mikes: schoeps mk4 > actives > nbox >
recorder: sony m-10
transfer: goldwave (volume boost, compression > dither to 16b) > media monkey (flac transfer l8)
location: right center
recorded by scooter123
not for sale. free trade only

tapers notes:

billy vera is a legend here in los angeles. his mom was a singer on the perry como show, and her
musical talents obviously rubbed off on billy, who got his start writing songs for country and gospel
artists, such as judy clay and dolly parton. in the 70’s he formed a band, billy and the beaters,
which had minor hits such as “i can take care of myself” and “what did you think (at this moment).”

in the 80’s, he produced lou rawls last four lps and starred in some bit roles in television and
movies. he enjoyed a re-discovery when michael buble’ had a hit, 8 million copies strong, of
“what did you think.”

he is fan of doo-wop and the great songs of the 30’s and 40’s written by black artists, and this show
is dedicated to those writers, but with a big band accompaniment, a 16 pc horn and reed section. it
coincides with his new release, “big band jazz” which was released in 2013.

crowd noise in one direction was oppressive, so tracks were faded out to zero between tracks

dedicated to little jimmy scott, jazz singer.

samples: t19 i’m just a lucky so and so.mp3 and t09 cherry.mp3
download: BillyVera_2014

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  3. This is brilliant stuff, thanks very much!

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