May 242019

hot on the heels of susan weinert, here’s susanne alt at the ever-popular bimhuis.  not surprisingly, after this much time, she has more than the 2 albums mentioned in ‘musicfinder’s comments below.  btw, you’ll need to update the setlist in the info file (don’t have the time tonight to fix the .zip).

susanne alt quartet
amsterdam, netherlands
25 august 2007

susanne alt – alto & soprano saxaphone
thijs cuppen – piano
sven schuster – double bass
jos keterlyn – drums

1. introduction
2. desire
3. quartet member introductions
4. paludianity
5. six tease
6. susanne alt talk
7. more of that
8. applause

tt 33:27

front row center>internal mics>edirol r-09>cd wave editor>flac frontend 6>you

susanne alt has released two cd’s (nocturne & desire) both worth having! the web site is

sample: t4_paludianity.mp3

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  1. fozupbcnokbq

  2. Many thanks, Pete. The Theo Crocker was excellent, thanks!!! You did mention alongside the Sphere entry that there are other shows that you may put up. Please do so at some point – a super band and the original concept, devoted to Monk tunes, is one that never grows old…

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