May 242019

i had a bit of a jazz sue queue today: a couple of shows by susan weinert (of which one is here), a couple from susie ibarra, one show by susanne alt.  rather surprisingly, it all went very well together (not that that’s so important, but it’s nice when it works out).   tip o’ the hat to ‘jazzrita’ whose seeds on dime are always top notch.  enjoy!

susan weinert trio
grüner salon
berlin, germany
20 dec 2008

susan weinert,g,comp
martin weinert,b
dirk leibenguth,dr

1 tomorrows dream 13:12
2 froggy 4:01
3 iceland / announcement mw 11:11
4 red and blue 8:40
5 your eyes / announcement speaker 7:53
6 the blue horizon / announcement mw 7:32

tt 52:29

lineage: rbb > received with satellit > tracked with wavelab > flac > dime
sound rating: a

sample: t05_your_eyes.mp3

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