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this “twofer” of shows by marion brown were both shared on dime by woessner in sept 2014.  they’re very different shows, as marion brown is solo in the 1985 new york performance.  given how the term “avant garde” pops up in most bio’s of marion brown, and that it’s a solo, i’d expected the sort of thing that would make me run a country mile, but no, i really enjoyed it.  surprise surprise.  but i will admit that the other show, in japan, was more my style.

marion brown discography

marion brown quartet
tokyo, japan
18 november 1979

marion brown – alto saxophone
dave burrell – piano
gon mizuhashi – bass
warren smith – drums

01. pleasant street (marion brown) 29:30
02. unknown title 20:15
03. la placita (marion brown) 15:56 cuts out

total time: 65:42


marion brown
greenwich house
new york, new york
7 september 1985

marion brown – alto saxophone

01. black and tan fantasy (duke ellington) 4:55
02. unknown title 4:11
03. since i fell for you (buddy johnson) 3:00
04. ’round midnight (thelonious monk) 3:52
05. unknown title 4:40

total time: 20:41


1985-09-07 greenwich hse, nyc t03.mp3
1979-11-18 pit-inn, tokyo t02.mp3

download (for both shows):  MarionBrown__Tokyo1979-11-18_NYC1985-09-07.zip

covers by pete

  6 Responses to “marion brown – tokyo, 18 nov 1979 & new york, 7 sept 1985”

  1. LDKindBkWbWbGSW

  2. Marion brown was amazing. There’s an all too short interview with him on YouTube by some of his family i think. So sad to see how we end up. He was an original. RIP and thanks for the tunes.

  3. marvelous!….super share!…
    BIG THX!…

  4. Thanks a lot, Pete !

  5. Thank you for posting this, Pete! Very much appreciated!

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