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here’s the second recent download, sweet smoke from 1973.  i guess the 1st two tracks, which just seem to go on and on, appeal to me for some reason.  the sound quality is ok, but there is some distortion, some clipping, etc… don’t expect studio quality.

like the last post here, i’ve listened to this a number of times (although not in such quick succession).  not sure it’s to everyone’s taste, but this week it’s doing well around here.

sweet smoke
grenoble, france
9 april 1973

marvin kaminowitz: lead guitar, vocals, marimba, percussion
michael paris: sax
andy dershin: bass, percussion
jay dorfman: drums, percussion
rick greenberg: rhythm guitar, vocals, sitar, percussion
john classi: percussion
marty rosenberg: percussion

1: 21:18
2: silly sally > ? 33:32
3: tuning 2:11
4: 19:41
5: tuning 2:12
6: (flaw at 2:10, cuts at 18:51 and 34:53) 41:40
7: encore 11:20

runtime: 131:55 (minutes/seconds)

recieved as one single mono flac track > wav (tracked, individually reduced claps and mike bumps)

audience recording, recorded by “the french gentleman” presumably from a 1st generation analog tape copy of the original master tape.

comments by seeder on “dime”
this is one of those bands who were not around for very long at all, and there aren’t alot of live recordings of. this is likely the world premiere of this particular recording, just the second non-officially issued sweet smoke recording i’ve ever heard. the other is heidelburg, germany from about 3 months later, and was shared here at least twice previously, once by myself, and once by propylaen.

thanks go out to him for sorting that out, and the band lineup of this one.
also to “unclemeat” for sharing the original flac file of this with me
and the french gentleman for recording several great shows.
those will be shared by several other uploaders, and i will have a few more too.

this is the only one in that collection of sweet smoke, and i’m happy to share it witth you today. for some reason i am not able to make samples of this, not sure why since i always do with my uploads. the sound quality is pretty good for this era. i think most of you will be pleased, who appreciate this fine band, who also play a version of “the soft parade” as heard a few years earlier by the doors. (maybe one in here?) it’s quite different than the one heard from the doors incl. the vocals but this band is great, severely underappreciated.
hope you all find this a sweet treat. happy first day of fall in the northern world, dime. ian

sample:  sweet_smoke_1973-04-09_02_sample.mp3


  5 Responses to “sweet smoke – 9 april 1973, grenoble, france”

  1. Meanwhile we have a more complete set list:

    1: First Jam 21:18
    2: Silly Sally > ? 33:32
    3: Tuning 2:11
    4: Ocean of Fears 19:41
    5: Tuning 2:12
    6: Kundalini > Darkness to Light > Jam > Darkness to Light 41:40
    7: Final Jam (encore) 11:20

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I can tell you that your track listing is about 3 months too old. I joined Sweet Smoke as a permanent member just after this concert. This concert has the line-up that was on our 2nd LP – From Darkness to Light.

    Amor illuminatio hilaritas et pasta volans!

    Rasa (formally Rick Greenberg)

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