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sadao-watanabe-andrew-hill-1976-japan-fronti’ve been away for a couple of weeks, and since getting back have mostly been listening to beverly kenney and shorty rogers complilations that i just got in from fresh sounds records in barcelona.  this was the first thing otherwise that sort of caught my eye (or ear, as it were).  speaking of which, i have to upload some shorty rogers, of whom i have but three shows.  up next, perhaps.

sadao watanabe & andrew hill
3 july 1976

andrew hill, sadao watanabe (ldr), sadao watanabe (f, ss, as), andrew hill (p), tsutomu okada (b), shinji mori (d)

01. radio introduction – 1:32
02. tk 1 inc l. v. – 5:38
03. tk 2 inc l. v. – 1:03
04. tk 3 l. v. – 6:07
05. tk 1 inc hommage (andrew hill) – 0:27
06. tk 2 hommage (andrew hill) – 12:06
07. radio announcement – :16
08. mist flower (andrew hill) – 13:19
09. radio announcement
10. k.y.o? – 10:08*

[radio broadcast]
above is broadcast date.

from original seeder’s comments:
*i am uncertain whether this track is from this session or some other session. i checked my collection of cds with similar instrumentation and could not find a track that matched, so i do not believe it is an officially released track. if someone can understand the announement in track 9 and give further information it would be appreciated.

sample: t02 tk 1 inc lv.mp3

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  2. thanks for the music, just found your blog,very good stuff

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