Jun 222013

this was very nice over dinner last night, streaming it up stairs to the living room.  listened to it again today, working on getting ready for our move to korea… so here it is.  i downloaded it from dime around a year ago, not long after the show.


claire martin
ystad jazz festival
ystad, sweden
2 august 2012

claire martin: vocals
gareth williams: piano
laurence cottle: bass
kristian leth: drums

01.too much in love to care.
02.from this moment on.
03.love is real.
04.so twentieth century.
05.everything i got belongs to you.
06.he never mentioned love.
07.lower case.
08.come back to me.
tt: 47:31

sweden radio channel 2 2012-09-18
onkyo av fm receiver (tx-sr608) -> olympus digital recorder (ls-10) @ 16bit/44khz
-> sdhc card -> pc -> soundforge 10 (normalized) -> cdwave (tracksplits) -> flac (level 8)
no clue if this is the whole show but this is what aired.

sample:  t01 too much in love to care.mp3

download: Claire_Martin_2012-08-02.zip

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