Apr 122016

CD Front Insertwell, here’s someone who’s albums i’m buying on my next cd purchasing bing.  and this is a good recording — an fm grab of a superb performance.  go see her shows, buy her cds — sarah mckenzie is great!

i spent some time trying to identify the songs, but for three of them i was completely unsuccessful.  any help appreciated.




sarah mckenzie
jazz sur seine 2015
duc des lombards
paris, france
20 october 2015 (early set)

sarah mckenzie, piano and vocals
jo caleb, guitar
pierre boussaguet, bass
marco valerio, drums
+ guest : julien alour, trumpet

1 almost like being in love (nat king cole)
2 we could be lovers
3 that’s it, i quit!
4 don’t be a fool (?)
5 i don’t know where my man is
6 three little words, two broken hearts and one jealous moon (?)
7 something happens to me (?)
8 don’t tempt me (sarah mckenzie)
9 sonny’s brother (sarah mckenzie)
10 quoi, quoi, quoi (sarah mckenzie)

10 tracks, 52 minutes

source : tsf, fm > naim uniti > rh-09r > audacity > xact > flac

sample: t06_threelittlewords.mp3
download: SarahMcKenzie_2015-10-09early_DucLombards_Paris.zip


Feb 272016

BeadyBelle_2006-04-23_Koblenz_frontonlyworking away on my taxes today, listening to this show that i downloaded when ‘fbauer’ reseeded it on dime in 2012.  i have copies of 7 show by beady bell, from 2003 to 2001.  not sure why i picked this one to listed to today.

fbauer included cd covers, and almost 70 pictures (!) that i assume are from the show.


beady belle
“closer” tour
cafe hahn
koblenz, germany
23 april 2006

beats s. lech – voc, loops
marius reksjø – ac+el.bass
erik holm – drums
jørn øien – piano, rhodes, moog

cd1 62:54
1 closer 6:31
2 april fool 7:02
3 hindsight 7:49
4 skin deep 8:26
5 one and only 11:00
6 never mind 8:48
7 when my anger starts to cry 7:26
8 airing 5:49

cd2 34:19
1 ghosts 9:56
2 moderation 14:18
3 game 8:57

total time: 97:14 min

digital audience recording in a good quality by fbauer
okm ii r > a3 > sony sbm1 > sony tcd d100
sound sample provided in comments section

cover artwork inside
pictures by schwobbel

‘home’ 2001
‘chewbeagappic’ 2003
‘closer’ 2005
‘belvedere’ 2008
‘at welding bridge’ 2010

more beady belle at

seeded by fbauer on 2006-05-06
re-seeded by fbauer on 2012-06-30 for e.c.

sample: d1 t05 one and only.mp3
download: BeadyBelle_2006-04-23_CafeHahn_Koblenz.zip

Feb 192016

CD Front Insertmaybe it’s time for a little kurt weill?  i’m very fond of weill, and meret becker did a whole show of kurt weill back in 2001, thoughtfully shared on dime by ‘uuughh’.  my not understanding german is too bad, i expect the talk (and there’s quite a bit) would be interesting.  i’ve included .pdf’s of a review of the show (not that very night) by the “berliner zeitung”, both in german and in a wacky-as-usual google-translate version.  and there’s a nice little write-up about meret becker on femmetotale.de also (i stole the image for the cd cover from there).

uuughh does note that “it’s worth listening, but it is more for real fans and completists.  a unique show, meret talks a lot about the songs.”



meret becker: ‘speak low’ – a love letter to kurt weill
cine star
dortmund, germany
29 jan 2001

setlist (all tracks are from kurt weill, help appreciated):

04 und wie man sich bettet
05 seeräuber jenny
08 band introduction
10 denn für dieses leben ist der mensch nicht …
15 salomon song

source: md with mono mic
unknown lineage. i got this as wav-file.
wav > audition (tracking) > flac frontend lvl 8 > flac
the sound is b-/c, too much bass, sometimes are noises on the mic. it’s worth listening, but it is more for real fans and completists.
a unique show, meret talks a lot about the songs.

1st seed 2012-06-18 @ www.dimeaozen.org by uuughh

sample: t05 seeräuber jenny.mp3
download:  MeretBecker_2001-01-29_KurtWeill_DortmundGermany.zip

Feb 112016

CD Front Insert v2since i was down in the “z” section, i was listening to this (back-to-back with some old madeleine peyroux… good mix, actually). ‘grateful c2d’ seeded it on dime in august 2012, and this show has been languishing at the far end of the alphabet ever since.  but now, happily, re-encountered.  go to her shows, buy her albums.

[update:  i just got a couple of her cd’s, “until tomorrow” and “if you knew her”:  very nice.  and, which is a bit unusual, she writes a lot of  her songs.  as the liner notes to “until tomorrow” note, “jazz singers who produce original material are usually the exception rather than the rule“.  and should be supported in particular.]

one thing that bugs me: when i lived in belgium and could get klara radio, i could never figure out when the concerts were playing (there’s me with no dutch!).  opportunities missed, ah well.  i will probably say the same about korea (though k-pop concerts are maybe more likely than jazz…?).

oh… i changed the picture on the cd cover, as i’d already used the picture for another cover.  but both covers are in the .zip file, since i’d made the first one anyway.


zara mcfarlane – jazz middelheim 2012
antwerp, belgium

zara mcfarlane (vocals)
binker golding (tenorsax)
peter edwards (piano)
max luthert (bass)
moses boyd (drums)

1. introduction (lies steppe)
2. blossom tree
3. night and day
4. captured -> lazy afternoon
5. on green dolphin street
6. more than mine
7. feed the spirit
8. until tomorrow
9. band presentation
11. chiaroscuro

interview with zara mcfarlane from the same day, before the concert

klara radio fm (cable) -> wintv-hvr3000 -> adobe audition cs5.5 -> wav
noise reduction applied in adobe audition.
cdwave editor (tracking) -> tlh (flac 8)

sample: t11 chiaroscuro.mp3
download:  ZaraMcFarlane_2012-08-18_AntwerpBelgium.zip

Dec 182015

Smoke Fairies 2011-02-03 The Scala, London cover imagea little break from jazz.  i downloaded this when ‘rayrad’ shared it on dime a few years ago.  tried to buy an album at the time, but their website wasn’t working for me, oh well.  but i was listening to another show of theirs lately and lo! their website was working, there was a new album out, etc etc.  happy days.  i bought one of each cd, thanks much.  only arrived today, still listening my way through them, and i strongly recommend you do the same.  but at the same time this show (which, in the day, i absolutely listened the bejaysus out of) remains a favorite.  now if smoke fairies would just come to korea…


smoke fairies
the scala
3rd february 2011

jessica davies – vocals / guitar
katherine blamire – vocals / guitar
kristofer harris – bass
neil walsh – violin
martin dean – drums

01. summer fades
02. devil in my mind
03. river song
04. new song
05. gastown
06. erie lackawanna
07. living with ghosts
08. strange moon rising
09. feeling is turning blue
10. storm song
11. hotel room
12. after the rain
13. frozen heart
14. requiem (killing joke)

lineage: olympus ls10 recorder (internal mics) > 24 bit > amadeus pro > 16 bit > xld > flac
taper: rayrad

support the artist – buy the records – go to the shows


sample: t05 gastown.mp3

download: SmokeFairies_2011-02-03_Scala_LondonUK.zip

Oct 212015

this is probably my favorite diana krall show.  super show, great (fm) recording.  this show was part of a week-long john coltrane tribute at the village vanguard, which must have been quite something (i need to see if i can get copies of more shows from that week!).  instead of being “one that i’ve been listening to in my car”, this is “one that i need to put in my car”.  or maybe not… would that do it justice?


diana krall
the village vanguard
new york, new york
28 september 1997

diana krall – piano, vocals
russell malone – guitar
christian mcbride – bass

01. intro 1:51
02. all or nothing at all 8:04
03. my shining hour 9:36
04. talk & intros 2:34
05. i miss you so 5:31
06. how deep is the ocean 7:53
07. lost mind 5:01
08. just you just me 6:21
09. i don’t know enough about you 5:18
10. they can’t take that away from me 5:49
11. dedicated to you 4:12
12. peel me a grape 5:48
13. bessie’s blues 8:19
14. outro music 2:15

wbgo-fm broadcast
from week long john coltrane tribute at the village vanguard

tascam da-20 > tascam cd-rw900
fm > dat master > dat clone > cdr > eac secure >
audacity (edits) > cd wave (tracks) > flac
total time – 78:41

note: low level fm static consistent throughout broadcast

sample:  t05_i_miss_you_so.mp3
download: DianaKrall_1997-09-28_VillageVanguard_NYC.zip

Oct 152015

this show was originally recorded for the united nations refugee fund at the request of princess grace of monaco.  it was seeded on the lossless legs site a few years ago.  it’s a very good recording indeed, and makes you realize how sinatra become such a sensation.  this seems to have been issued by a number of bootleg labels over the years, and this appears to come from one of them.  the download was in .shn format; i’ve converted it to .flac using trader’s little helper (tlh) and you can download in either version.

here’s what sinatraguide.com has to say about the show:

this concert has been floating around in various formats for a long time, yet despite it’s historic importance and good recorded sound, official release has yet to see the light of day. recorded as part of a charity benefit for the united nations fund for refugee children, this was a starry evening, with an introduction (in french) given by noel coward….  and behind the podium was a young quincy jones, who has since described this concert as a highlight of his early career.  the concert itself is stunning – showing off sinatra in his prime, relaxed and at his ease as he bends notes and plays around with tempos with his inestimable grace and style.

frank sinatra
the sporting club
monte carlo, monaco
14 june 1958

01. introduction by noel coward
02. come fly with me
03. i get a kick out of you
04. i’ve got you under my skin
05. where or when
06. moonlight in vermont
07. on the road to mandalay
08. your lover has gone
09. april in paris
10. all the way
11. monique
12. bewitched
13. the lady is a tramp
14. you make me feel so young

source: fm > ? > cdr > eac > wav > shn

really excellent sound especially for 1958 it’s unbelievable

sample: t07_on_the_road_to_mandalay.mp3


Sep 102015

continuing with the male vocalist theme, here’s a bit of mel tormé & george shearing.  mel torme was 66 at the time of this show, but still great.  i’ve always thought of him as a contemporary of frank sinatra, and i suppose that seen from this remove he was — only 10 years younger than sinatra.  i like having the piano trio backup (and with george shearing!), for me it really brings out the song in a way that a bigger combo with sax or trumpet doesn’t alway (though those have their own benefits as well).  there are a good few classics in this show, like a lot of his work.  and it’s an excellent recording (fm).  enjoy!

mel torme with the george shearing trio

mel torme, vocal
george shearing, piano
neil swainson, bass
donny osborne, drums

bbc fm broadcast

st.david’s hall, cardiff, wales

2nd november 1991

01. i’ll remember april (3:00)
02. give me the simple life (3:17)
03. auf wiedersehn (6:13)
04. accentuate the positive (3:18)
05. duke ellington medley (5:48)
06. i’ll be tired of you (4:33)
07. let’s take a walk around the block (2:41)
08. serenade in blue (3:25)
09. smoke gets in your eyes (6:51)
10. unidentified (3:26)
11. mountain greenery (1:11)
12. every time we say goodbye (4:07)
13. love is just around the corner (3:08)
14. i’ll be seeing you (3:20)
15. bbc announcer (0:14)

another concert by the mel ‘n’ george partnership, from the same tour as my previous torrent, still available at http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=243178&dllist=1#seeders

lineage: bbc fm>teac r2r (dolby) @7.5ips>wave>flac

sample:  t04 accentuate the positive.mp3
download: MelTorme_GeorgeShearingTrio_1991-11-02_CardiffWales.zip

Aug 272015

i’ve been listening to some concerts by male jazz singers, including (in the order that i’m playing them):  frank sinatra (1958), seth mcfarland (2015), mose allison (1983), gregory porter (2011), john pizzarelli (2010), the amazing jimmy scott (2004), mel torme (1991, with george shearing on piano), nat king cole (1944), ray charles (1961), tony bennett (2008)…  a number of those are “well, of course“, but i don’t have that much of some of these artists (only have the 1 sinatra show, for example, but it’s pretty good alright!).

anyway, it seemed a good time to share some of those shows here.  let’s start with gregory porter at duc lombards in paris.

gregory porter
duc des lombards
paris, france
7 november 2011, early set

gregory porter (vocals)
chip crawford (piano)
aaron james (bass)
emmanuel harold (drums)

1- ut
2- water
3- be good
4- children of the night
5- skylark
6- ut
7- ut (fade in)
8- ut
9- for all we know
10- nineteen sixty what
11- (fade in) god bless the child

tt 1:04

some fm hiss due to bad weather condition

source : fm (tsf jazzlive) / naimuniti / r-09hr / audacity / xact

sample: t04 children of the night.mp3
download: GregoryPorter_2011-11-07_DucDesLombards_Paris.zip

Aug 232015

another one that i ran across while tidying up a bit.  this is great!  going to have to put a copy of this in my car.  tried to buy the cd from their website, but i don’t believe they really ship to korea for free & couldn’t find how to contact them.  i’ll try again later…

i was sorry to read on their website that slim richey, the guitarist, passed away in may of this year.  my condolences.  however, the jitterbug vipers are still performing (only in the austin area, in case you need a good reason to go there), but with a new lineup.  and to think that i’ll be in transit through dallas/fortworth next month… no, probably a bit too far to go during my layover.

http://www.sarahsharp.com/ and sarah is also part of the duo kaliyo http://www.kaliyo.com/

the jitterbug vipers
the continental club
austin, texas
13 march 2014

sarah sharp- vocals
slim richey- guitar
francie meaux jeaux- bass
masumi jones- drums

1. intro
2. adder on a ladder (phoebe’s dream) <sarah sharp/kristopher lee wade>
3. banter
4. a viper just the same <sarah sharp/kristopher lee wade>
5. banter
6. what a little moonlight can do <sarah sharp>
7. so high <tab benoit>
8. stuff it <sarah sharp/elizabeth mcqueen>
9. banter
10. billie’s blues <billie holiday>
11. banter
12. that was just the sauce talking <sarah sharp/jacob jaeger>
13. banter
14. who put the benzedrine in mrs murphy’s ovaltine <harry “the hipster” gibson hipster>
15. viper moon <sarah sharp/slim richey>
16. banter
17. dangerous <sarah sharp/katie holmes>
18. undecided <sid robin/charlie shavers>
19. banter/band intros
20. when i get low i get high <marion sunshine>

tt 01:02:43

source 1: audience [rode nt4 stereo mic]
source 2: onstage [apex condenser mic x 2]
source 3: soundboard [main mix]
>tascam dr-680 [44.1khz, 16bitwav]
taped by joshua cain, mixed in audacity by scdegraaf

sample: t06 what a little moonlight can do.mp3
download:  JitterbugVipers_2014-03-13_ContinentalClub_AustinTX.zip