Jun 152018

here’s that bill evans show from kobe in 1978.  it is very hard to find out anything about this – so much so that i am now asking myself if it was properly labelled in the first place.  on the other hand, i did find a japanese bootleg online, that claims to be this show, and refers to comments in the tape to back it up (it also indicates it was an audience recording).  i’d have ordered that, just out of curiosity, but the japanese website was too hard to navigate for obvious reasons.  the notes below are from when ‘bluenote2005’ shared this on dime in july 2007.

bill evans trio, kobe japan, asia, 1978

source. radio. sound a-

bill evans-p
marc johnson-b
philly joe jones-d

help with set list please.
also track 5 and 8 had a gap of silence. i removed the silence and the tracks play much nicer. i don’t have the software to bridge the tracks together.

01. title 4:15
02. title 6:34
03. title 5:14
04. title 5:35
05a. title 4:53
05b. title 3:22
06. title 7:12
07. title 3:53
08a. tilte 5:35
08b. title 4:58

total 51:37

sample:  track 01.mp3
download: BillEvans_1978-XX-XX_KobeJapan.zip

no covers.

Jun 092018

i had this on an extended rotation* of the best stuff on my well-travelled little usb drive (by now no doubt famous).  had to go back and listen to ‘the work song’ again, then find the nina simone version, then listen to this version again.  well. well, well, well.

this was shared on dime by ‘michaelmee’ back in february 2013, and well done there, michaelmee, thanks.

the cannonball adderley sextet
the half note – new york city
“portraits in jazz”
fm radio broadcasts
5 feb 1965

julian “cannonball” adderley – alto saxophone
nat adderley – cornet
charles lloyd – tenor saxophone
josef zawinul – piano
sam jones – bass
louis hayes – drums
alan grant – mc

set list

01 jessica’s birthday 9:11
02 interview 2:07
03 cajvalach 3:06
04 interview 0:39
05 sewing machine 3:16
06 interview 1:01
07 come sunday 5:56
08 interview 0:41
09 the little boy with the sad eyes 13:27
10 interview 1:16
11 the work song 5:10

tt 45:51

sample:  t11 the work song.mp3
download: CannonballAdderley6tet_1965-02-05_HalfNoteNYC.zip

* benny golson jazztet (chicago 2001); bill evans (kobe 1978); cannonball adderly (new york city 1965); gato barbieri (turin 1970); gerry mulligan (the hague 1988); hank jones (buffalo 1976); jackie mclean (ancona 1991) [i am as far as here so far]; yusef lateef (doetinchein 1971); woody shaw (utrecht 1982); von freeman & johnny griffin (amsterdam 1999); phil woods (amsterdam 1987); ny jazz giants (estival jazz 1992); mobley & griffin (cologne 1968); masters of groove (nyc 2001); and kevin eubanks (detroit 2011).

Jun 062018

well, on the road again, in old madrid, with that trusty solid-state usb drive.  listened to a hank mobley quintet cd and then queued up this lovely show (now playing!) by the great johnny griffin & eddie lockjaw davis.   great way to end the day.  not much to say about these two, individually or together, that hasn’t been said before.  i do forget, sometimes but not for long, that you really can’t have too much of this stuff.

this was shared on dime by ‘kinebee’ back in (wait for it) august 2008.  gracious!

johnny griffin & eddie lockjaw davis
the blue note
new york, ny
18 nov 1983

johnny griffin – tenor saxophone
eddie ‘lockjaw’ davis – tenor saxophone
thomas brown – piano
curtis lundy – bass
kenny washington – drums

set i

rifftide (8:47)
good bait (11:12)
lover man (16:27)
girl from ipanema (5:41)
save your love for me (4:39)
save your love for me (continued) (6:14)

set ii

i’ll remember april (12:17)
robbins nest (11:57)
i can’t get started (5:04)
light and lovely (11:05)

tt 1:33:24

linage is unknown.

sample:  not yet.
download:  JohnnyGriffin_LockjawDavis_1983-11-18_TheBlueNote_NYC.zip

no covers today.

Jun 042018

well, i was going to upload an absolutely phenomenal show by aruán ortiz, from rote fabrik,, zurich, on 26-nov-2016 at the unerhört-festival in zurich.  but it turns out he just released it!  here’s a good review from the free jazz blog.  fortunately for all concerned, i also have this show from earlier that month, also good but with a slightly different lineup & setlist, from a dime upload by ‘unclewolfi’.  maybe it’ll whet your appetite for “live in zurich“.

gerald cleaver

aruán ortiz trio
6. birdland radio jazz festival
jazzclub birdland
neuburg, germany

aruán ortiz – p
brad jones – b
gerald cleaver – dr

01. analytical symmetry (a. ortíz) 18:39
02. fractal sketches (a. ortíz) 06:33
03. black and tan fantasy (d. ellington) 05:26
04. open and close / the sphinx (o. coleman) 18:09
05. alone together (schwartz / dietz) 03:20

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station – br klassik]

sample: 02 fractal sketches.mp3
download: AruanOrtizTrio_2016-11-17_JazzclubBirdland_NeuburgGermany.zip

covers by ‘unclewolfi’

May 222018

‘perks’ shared this on dime back in august 2015.  i pulled this show back up after i read or heard something about marquis hill &/or blacktet recently.  no idea where.  but this turned out to be a real jem, and perks’ recording does it justice.

justin thomas

marquis hill blacktet
mears park – twin cities jazz fest
st. paul, mn
june 27, 2015

marquis hill, trumpet
christopher mcbride, alto sax
justin thomas, vibes
joshua ramos (?), bass
makaya mccraven, drums

1. stage announcements 1:28
2. ut 9:28
3. band intros 1:20
4. white shadows 7:32
5. the essense 7:07
6. ut 23:36
7. ut 13:32
8. ut 3:06
9. ut 5:10
10. outro 2:55

tt 1:15:15

source: schoeps mk5’s (cardioid position/ortf pattern > active cables > nbox > ediol r-05 @ 24/48. recorded on a 3.5′ stand on the center aisle – row 10.
transfer: 16gb sdhc card > dell pc > 24bit wav > sony sound forge 9.0e > cdwave editor > trader’s little helper > flac16.

recorded and transferred by perks.

samples:  marquis hill blacktet 2015-06-27 t02.mp3 and  marquis hill blacktet 2015-06-27 t07.mp3
download:  MarquisHillBlacktet_2015-06-27_MearsPark_StPaulMN.zip

covers by pete, using a modified photo originally from the minnesota spokesman-recorder website.

May 192018

travelling again, but in spain now, with that same trusty (i hope) solid-state drive that i took to brazil.  truly, a lifesaver.  this is one of the dime shows that i loaded on there back in the day (early 2015, if you’re asking).  i haven’t listened to any melody gardot for ages and ages, so this sort of seredipity is particularly nice.

jaminin houstin
stefen brown
petri corpella

melody gardot
marciac, france
27 july 2012

melody gardot, vocals
celia chavez, vocals
jaminin houstin, vocals
irwin hall, saxophone
michel long, guitar
stefen brown, bass, cello
petri corpella, percussions
chuck stabb, drums

(the spelling of some names may be incorrect)

setlist (please help)

1. no more my lord/goodbye 11:24
2. impossible love/mira 13:40
3. melody talks 0:42
4. les etoiles 8:51
5. so we meet again my heartache 8:20
6. baby i´m a fool 4:43
7. who will comfort me 6:22
8. iemanja 11:14
9. drum solo 2:25
10. summertime/fever 8:03

tt 1:15:44

source : france inter (fm) / rh-09r / audacity / xact

setlist updated per comments on dime tracker, july 2012

sample:  t01 no more my lord – goodbye.mp3
download: MelodyGardot_2012-07-27_MarciacFrance.zip

covers from ‘fastone’ (via comments on dime tracker webpage).

May 152018

just back from a great trip to são paulo.  a lot of work, but had a great time.  saw a very little bit of the city, like having a sip of someone’s drink, really.  here’s a little something that’s helping fight my jetlag (which is pretty fierce… due to flight cancellations, it took over 34 hours, door-to-door, to get home).

superstar quintet
“festival tent”
wiesen (austria)
july 16, 1982.

freddie hubbard (tp, fl-h)
joe henderson (ts)
kenny barron (p)
ron carter (b)
tony williams (dr)

1 a quick sketch 15:02
2 recorda-me (not complete) 4:35
3 spiral 17:26
4 sister cheryl 13:35
5 byrdlike (not complete) 9:20

tt 59:59

soundboard recording

sample:  t05 byrdlike.mp3
download: SuperstarQuintet_1982-07-16_WiesenAustria.zip

covers by pete

May 062018

stuck here in dulles international for a few hours… thought i’d give some of the shows from brazil a listen, and this was first.  very nice.  a lot of talk which would be a real bummer if portuguese wasn’t such a nice sounding language.   this was shared on dime in june 2007 by ‘luladsilva’.  not sure if i’d call it jazz, but its’s very nice and is helping me while away the time.

claudio nucci & emilio cantini – nova friburgo (brazil) – june 11, 2005

artist: claudio nucci & emilio cantini
style: singer / songwriter / música popular brasileira (mpb) / bossa nova / jazz
title: em casa – ao vivo 2005
date: saturday, june 11, 2005 (2005-06-11)
city: nova friburgo
country: brazil
venue: teatro da usina – sala maestro joaquim naegele

format: audio
source: audience
recorded & produced by: a trademark of the ultimate sound archive
lineage: sony mz-n910 & aiwa cm-30 mic -> hd -> cool edit pro 2 -> cd wav -> flac level 8 -> you

artwork: included
a sample of the track “sapato velho” can be found at:

this is a very intimate concert by one of the most renowned brazilian singer/songwriters – claudio nucci – who was an integral part of a band named boca livre. the show has a very relaxed atmosphere with some interesting stories told by nucci plus the usual high-standard of nucci´s performances.

unfortunately i am not too aware about his backcatalogue, so i had to left off the song titles – if you know them, please, feer free to provide them – thank you very much or muito obrigado!

cd 1:
running time: 54.10
108. sapato velho

cd 2:
running time: 47.26

claudio nucci – guitars & vocals
emilio cantini – guitars

a) i did some minor equalizing plus fade in and out for the first and last track of each cd by using cep 2.
b) please support the artist and buy his albums and visit his shows.
c) more info to be found at www.claudionucci.com.br
d) this recording is strictly for f r e e trading purposes only and should remain as it is.
e) do not encode to lossy formats.
f) i am sorry, but i can´t seed 24/7.
g) but most important: enjoy the show!

a trademark of the ultimate sound archive production was originally uploaded at dime on june 11, 2007.

sample: t201.mp3
download: ClaudioNucci_Emilio_Cantini_2005-11-06_NovaFriburgo_Brazil.zip 
covers from ‘luladsilva’

May 042018

i’m off to sao paulo for a short visit.  fortunately, i found a usb solid state drive loaded with a wide variety of music, from some trip or other…  beefed it up with a half-dozen shows in brazil (why not?).  so we might have a bit of a break here.  then again, i might get a bit of a break there.  (“then again”… that’s a nice little idiomatic phrase, isn’t it?)

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Apr 242018

here’s one from 8 years ago, or so…  i found this very listenable earlier today, while working, and again (& more attentively) putting this posting together.


gina schwarz sextet
vienna, austria
13 september 2013

gina schwarz (bass, announcements)
robert bachner (trombone)
andy middleton (soprano & tenor saxophones)
benjamin schatz (piano)
heimo trixner (guitar)
harry tanschek (drums)

first set:

01: ramsampal – 8:16
02: brush hour – 7:33
03: for c & c – 8:16
04: venezia – 8:35
05: there is one place – 7:29

second set:

06: hexagon – 9:24
07: morpheus – 7:55
08: caballitos – 5:11
09: free – 6:46
10: jazzista – 7:24
11: caps and rags (encore) – 6:58

tt 1:23:49

recorded by orf
lineage: ö 1 radio broadcast (analog cable) –> cd –> hard disc –> audacity –> tlh

very good sound quality


sample: t06 hexagon.mp3
download:  GinaSchwarz_2013-09-13_RadioCafe_ViennaAustria.zip

covers by pete.